Liszt Ferenc (Ferihegy) Airport, Budapest

Liszt Ferenc (Ferihegy) Airport, Budapest
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Arrivals in real time

02/19/2019 16:15 - 02/20/2019 00:55
Origin Arrival Carrier Flight Status
Lyon (LYS)16:15Wizz AirW6 3326Landed
Frankfurt (FRA)17:25LufthansaLH 1472Landed
Frankfurt (FRA)17:25Lufthansa CityLineCL 1472Landed
Bari (BRI)17:50Wizz AirW6 3398Landed
Bucharest (OTP)18:00TAROMRO 647Landed
Cologne (CGN)18:50Wizz AirW6 3366Landed
Eindhoven (EIN)19:45Wizz AirW6 3342Landed
Istanbul (IST)20:35Turkish AirlinesTK 1347Landed
Bucharest (OTP)21:30Blue Air0B 3101Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP)22:50TAROMRO 649Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP)22:50AlitaliaAZ 5022Scheduled
Bucharest (OTP)22:50Air FranceAF 6600Scheduled
Milan (BGY)23:55Wizz AirW6 3382Scheduled
Mulhouse (BSL)00:30Wizz AirW6 3372Scheduled
Nürnberg (NUE)00:30Wizz AirW6 3370Scheduled
Munich (MUC)00:45LufthansaLH 1672Scheduled
Munich (MUC)00:45Air DolomitiEN 1672Scheduled
Malmo (MMX)00:50Wizz AirW6 3440Scheduled
Doncaster (DSA)00:55Wizz AirW6 3314Scheduled