Liszt Ferenc (Ferihegy) Airport, Budapest

Liszt Ferenc (Ferihegy) Airport, Budapest
Arrivals and Departures

Arrivals - Budapest, Liszt Ferenc Airport (Ferihegy) - BUD

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Arrivals in real time

Origin Arrival Carrier Flight Terminal Status
Vienna (VIE)18:05AustrianOS 7212ALanded
London (LTN)18:15Wizz AirW6 22062BLanded
Frankfurt (FRA)18:25ANANH 54672ALanded
Frankfurt (FRA)18:25Brussels AirlinesSN 71452ALanded
Frankfurt (FRA)18:25TAP PortugalTP 79682ALanded
Frankfurt (FRA)18:25LufthansaLH 13402ALanded
Helsinki (HEL)18:30FinnairAY 12552ALanded
Helsinki (HEL)18:30JALJL 68592ALanded
Helsinki (HEL)18:30British AirwaysBA 60592ALanded
Bucharest (OTP)18:55TAROMRO 2372BLanded
Frankfurt (FRA)18:55Wizz AirW6 23122ALanded
Zurich (ZRH)19:05SWISSLX 22582ALanded
Paphos (PFO)19:10RyanairFR 33312BLanded
Istanbul (IST)19:10Royal JordanianRJ 37112BLanded
Istanbul (IST)19:10Singapore AirlinesSQ 62832BLanded
Istanbul (IST)19:10Turkish AirlinesTK 10372BLanded
Warsaw (WAW)19:15LOT - Polish AirlinesLO 5312ALanded
Stuttgart (STR)19:20Eurowings EuropeE2 27842ALanded
Stuttgart (STR)19:20EurowingsEW 27842ALanded
Prague (PRG)19:20CSAOK 7882ALanded
Prague (PRG)19:20SmartWingsQS 87882ALanded
Prague (PRG)19:20Delta Air LinesDL 87692ALanded
Prague (PRG)19:20Korean AirKE 76752ALanded
Eindhoven (EIN)19:30Wizz AirW6 22742ALanded
Barcelona (BCN)19:35RyanairFR 83942ALanded
Stockholm (ARN)19:40Norwegian Air ShuttleDY 44872ALanded
Lyon (LYS)19:40easyJetU2 43452BLanded
Dusseldorf (DUS)19:50EurowingsEW 97822ALanded
Dusseldorf (DUS)19:50Singapore AirlinesSQ 18322ALanded
Dusseldorf (DUS)19:50ANANH 50172ALanded
Munich (MUC)20:10LufthansaLH 16802AEn route
Munich (MUC)20:10United AirlinesUA 90532AEn route
Munich (MUC)20:10TAP PortugalTP 79742AEn route
Munich (MUC)20:10SASSK 35722AEn route
Munich (MUC)20:10ANANH 58612AEn route
Munich (MUC)20:10Lufthansa CityLineCL 16802AEn route